About us

Social Responsibility

Our mission is to provide our customers with a first class service and in doing so aid the commercial and technological development of Iraq


AMAR works to create and sustain services in medicine, public health, education and basic need provision within communities living under stress, in war zones or in areas of civil disorder. www.amarfoundation.org

The Iraqi Red Crescent has been the primary humanitarian provider on the ground in Iraq for the last three years and has been helping Iraqis in need since 1932. www.iraqredcrescent.org

The Culture For All charity is focused on both higher and child focused education, child development, civil-society strengthening and capacity building, grass-root reconciliation, sports, women’s issues, and human rights in Iraq. www.cultureforall.org

Mercy Corps provides emergency humanitarian supplies and helps thousands of Iraqi children keep learning, restoring a measure of normally amid extremely dicult conditions, oering a path towards greater opportunity. www.mercycorps.org

The AAO is a voluntary non-profit making association promoting greater integration of British Arabs into mainstream British society. The AAO also aims to promote better understanding and dialogue between Britain and the Arab World. www.angloarab.org

The National Democratic Institute endeavors to strengthen relationships among Iraqi citizens, political parties and government institutions and encourages the development and implementation of policies that meet the needs of the population. www.ndi.org

The IOF is devoted to serving the interests of orphans regardless of their religious, ethnic or political aliation .Within four years, the IOF provided for 2,000 orphans. www.iraqiorphanfoundation.com